With a few steps it is possible to get pictures from a Tracfone LG 600g mobile phone using Bluetooth. These phones do not have USB compatibility, so Bluetooth is your only option to exchange photos.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on the phone by pressing Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Bluetooth On/Off>On

Step 2: Make sure computer has Bluetooth enabled; for Windows computers there should be a Bluetooth icon in the lower-right corner taskbar, like this.


Step 3: On the computer, right-click on the Bluetooth icon and select Add a Bluetooth Device.


Step 4: On the phone, go to Menu>Settings>Bluetooth>Paired Devices>New

Step 5: Go back to the computer and the phone should be showing in the Add Devices window you opened earlier. computer1

Double-click the phone and a code should pop up.computer3

Step 6: On the phone, select the computer and click Add. Enter the code into the phone that is displayed on the computer screen. Press OK. You should now have an active connection between phone and computer.

Step 7: To transfer pictures from phone: On the computer, right-click the Bluetooth icon again and select Receive a File.computer2

Step 8: On the phone, in the photo gallery, select the photo you want to send to the computer and press Options>Send Via>Bluetooth. The file should show up on the computer’s screen.

Step 9: Click next on the computer, and choose where to store the file, then click Finish. Repeat Steps 7-9 for each photo.

To send a photo from the computer to the phone select Send a File on the computer and follow similar steps.